Te Kura Māori o Porirua

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Pepa whakaāe | Permission forms: Civil defence, local trips, medication

We require the following information to allow us to release your child/ren safely form the Kura following a civil emergency. This information will remain confidential.

It is important that you carefully discuss with the people you have authorized to collect your child/ren from school and taking them to an agreed destination.

For your child/ren safety they will not be released to any person who is not named by you on this form. Please complete the form below and return to school as soon as possible.


I give permission for anyone of the above people to collect my child/ren from kura in case of emergency.


I give permission for my child/ren to participate in all local educational visits, trips organised this year within the immediate Porirua area.


Some children need to have regular asthma medication.

I give permission for designated staff to assist in the administering of medication to

for their asthma and the storage of his/her medication equipments. I will ensure to keep the medication current.

NB: This permission is ONLY for those who take medication regularly. For administering of antibiotics or panadol etc., separate written permission must be given each time.

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