Te Kura Māori o Porirua

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Ākonga Students

Our graduates will be confident, articulate speakers and writers of Te Reo Māori and English. They will be leaders – confident in Māori and non-Māori settings both nationally and internationally. They will be motivated learners with the skills and abilities to pursue their own self-determined pathways towards successfully following their passions.

Te Kura Māori o Porirua is a Māori immersion school catering for students from all backgrounds from year 0 to year 13, that is from ages 5 - 18. Te reo Māori is the main language of instruction in the school.

Students learn through and about Māori cultural practices, principles and values in conjunction with the New Zealand curriculum. The kura is open to tamariki/children of all iwi and race, we currently have many iwi from around the country attending the kura with a strong Ngāti Toa representation. Expressing Māori aspirations, upholding Māori cultural values, taking part in and leading te reo Māori revitalisation will be any everyday occurrence albeit at home and or overseas now and in the future. 

There are approximately 250 students attending TKMP.  With around 190 students in primary and about 60 students attending our college.  Our students will be:

  1. Articulate and socially aware of their community
  2. Able to reach their career aspirations
  3. Responsible future leaders for their own Iwi, Hapū and Whānau
  4. Life long learners
  5. Role models of holistic excellence
  6. Global citizens able to maintain a world view