Te Kura Māori o Porirua

(04) 235 9617 tari@kura-porirua.school.nz 392 Warspite Ave, Ascot Park, Porirua 5024

Information for parents


You or your whānau must contact the kura if you are going to be absent for any reason. A reason for the absence must be received preferably on the day of absence, phone or email messages are sufficient.

Unexplained absences will be investigated by the kura. This will involve a phone call home and follow up visit if necessary. Please note if you are absent for more than 10 consecutive days without justification the kura must notify the Ministry or Education and, remove your name from the kura roll.

Please refer to the NCEA section of this booklet for absence during assessments.

Access to Information Technology

Our kura utilises Google Applications in order to ensure students have equitable access to IT the kura has entered into a partnership with Te Mana o Kupe Trust. This partnership enables whānau to enter lease to own agreements or, parents can purchase their chromebooks outright. All chromebooks used at the kura are purchased through this scehme. They are linked directly to the kura network, students are supplied with their own google accounts, this provides email accounts and access to google drive accounts.

The kura has a cybersafety programme and policy. To access the internet or use the email all students must have completed the cybersafety programme and returned a signed consent form from their parent/ caregiver.

Appeals processes and procedures

If you have a concern about an aspect of assessed work please discuss this with your kaiako. If you want to appeal a grade that has been awarded by the kaiako you should complete the appeals form and give it to the kaiako within five days of receiving a grade.

All appeals will be moderated by another kaiako, once the original kaiako has completed the remarking of the work. You will be notified within five days, the result of the appeal.

Assessment Requirements

You are required to complete all assessment requirements on or before the final date as notified by the kaiako of the specific subject. Extensions will need to be requested in writing prior to the final date. Dates for external assessment requirements will be notified at the beginning of the course.

A record of all assessments you have completed will be kept by the kaiako and will be available to you and your whānau on request.

Refer to NCEA section ‘Missed Assessments’

Authenticity of student work

All work handed in must be your own work. There will be a variety of authentication procedures carried out as appropriate for each assessment in each subject. These may include –

  •   Some part of the assessment being carried out in class

  •   You may have to meet certain marking milestones or hand in a diary/log with your


  •   You should be prepared to answer questions about your work

  •   Plans, resource material and draft work may be required to be submitted with the final product

  •   Kaiako may keep on-going work stored at kura

  •   You may have to repeat a performance

  •   In some assessment tasks you may be required to sign authenticity statements.

Career Services

You will be given opportunities to discuss and plan career pathways from Tau 9.

The Tau 9-10 programme will include units focussed on career planning. The Tau 11-13 programme will be designed in line with your own individual preferred pathway. Advice and guidance will be provided by the kura.

Services such as Te Mana and Rapu Ara will be utilised within the programme and you will have the opportunity to attend local and regional career expos.


Education outside of the classroom is an integral part of the programme. You will be given the opportunity to engage in a range of activities outside of the classroom.

The immediate Porirua region is considered part of the Kura environment, therefore specific consent for each event will not be sought. Whānau will be notified of all excursions outside of the immediate Porirua region prior to the event. A permission form will be required to be completed by the parent/ caregiver.

Excursions that fall outside of the regular classroom programme will attract their own costs again, parents will be notified in advance. For example Waka Ama, Kapa Haka.

Extra Curricular Activities

You are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities outside of the normal classroom programme. Costs these activities may incur will be notified at the beginning of the activity. Students and their families are expected to meet these costs prior to the completion of the activity.

External Partnerships

Below is a list of the external providers who have been utilised by our wharekura programme

Te Wānanga o Raukawa – Marae Based Studies 

Rangataua Mauri Ora – Waka Ama

Te Papa

Victoria University of Wellington – Outreach Programme 

The Correspondence School

Whitireia Polytech 


To assist with the pursuit of both team and individual sporting interests of students, the kura has formalised an agreement with Aotea College that enables our students to play in sports teams in Rugby, Basketball and Hockey.

The kura regularly participates in both local and national secondary school Waka Ama regatta.

Fitness Programmes

Please talk with Koka Noni if you would like to negotiate a personal fitness programme.

Graduate Profile

Our graduates will be confident, articulate speakers and writers of Te Reo Māori and English. They will be leaders— confident in Māori and non-Māori settings both nationally and internationally. They will be motivated learners with the skills and abilities to pursue their own self-determined pathways towards successfully following their passions.


You are expected to complete all homework tasks in the timeframe allowed. Kaiako can help you develop good, independent work habits to help you to complete homework to a high standard.

Please note; each subject may require additional time. Refer to individual subject course outlines for details

Individual Learning Needs

The kura aims to cater for the learning needs of all individuals. As needs are identified, a system of support and monitoring will be initiated.


The following Marae are used as venue for the delivery of the programme from time to time:

 Takapuwahia Marae

 Hongoeka Marae

 Maraeroa Marae

 Horouta Marae

Safe environment

It is important that all student expect that the kura is a place where they are safe both physically and emotionally. Please follow the kura complaints procedure if they feel that they are not being treated fairly or if they feel unsafe at any time.

School rules and regulations

get copies of the school’s Policy and Procedures manual from the tari.

Senior formal

On odd years (i.e. 2013, 2015) the kura hosts a formal for Year 12-13 students. We encourage representatives of the students, parents and kaiako to form a working party to plan this event. Tasks associated with the planning include Term 1- plan budget, set the date, identify and book a venue. Term 2—set theme, book entertainment and arrange catering. Term 3—plan formal dancing sessions, notify students of ticket costs. Term 4—partners to be introduced to Whaea Sophie, event held.

Senior overseas trip

In working to fulfil the graduate profile in the even years (i.e. 2014, 2016) the kura plans an overseas trip for Year 12-13 students. We are committed to ensuring that this trip relates to us discovering and learning more about ourselves and kōrero tuku iho. These trips are self-funded, we do not fundraise specifically for this. As this is a significant financial commitment for families and the kura, a payment scheme will be implemented. This means that whānau can establish an on-going automatic payment scheme or pay lump sums at identified times. A meeting specifically for this trip is held the year before the trip so parents and students are aware of the expectations.

Staff contact with students and student contact with staff

There are occasions when staff may need to contact students regarding extra-curricular programmes or vice versa. It is preferable that this contact occur between EveJane as our administrator and parents, alternatively between parents and staff. It is also preferable that parents contact staff on behalf of their children rather than students texting staff directly. Parents will be notified of all kura sports and cultural events through kura pānui, EveJane always sends out emails to update whānau. At no time is it acceptable for staff to arrange to meet with students for any reason outside of kura activities without whānau consent.

Student Management and Discipline

Clear descriptions of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour will be shared with staff, students and whānau during the enrolment process and induction programme. Clear and precise consequences for unacceptable behaviour will also be outlined. It is the responsibility of the kura, the student and their whānau, that these are adhered to. Communications with a student and his/her whānau regarding behaviour concerns will be instigated by the student’s teacher or the principal and written notes will be kept of all meetings.

Student Progress Reports

Parents/whānau will receive formal written reports each term. The reports are written in the language of instruction; eg subjects taught in Te Reo will be reported on Te Reo Māori. Students. parents and whānau are encouraged to attend parent-teacher interviews that occur one to two weeks after the reports are issued.

Student support services

Matua Conway, Matua Conrad (Whānau support worker) provide ongoing support specifically for students. In addition, Evolve Youth Health Services attends kura each Monday morning—you can book through the tari. Whāea Hayley provide Careers guidance and support.

Services from within the local community of the kura will be identified as suitable for accessing additional support if and when it is required. E.g. Evolve Youth Health, Te Korowai Aroha, Te Whare Marie.


A high standard of dress is expected at all times. You must take responsibility for following the kura uniform guidelines. When you are required to wear your formal uniform, it should be clean, ironed and tidy. Consequences for non-regulation uniform items will involve confiscation of any extra clothing.