Te Kura Māori o Porirua

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Kura Tuatahi Primary School

Our programmes are designed to ensure our students can manage themselves in their to strive for excellence. Like our tūpuna Tawhaki each child has her or his own path. Our ara ako (learning pathways) give the student an opportunity to try different ways of learning at their own pace and with support.

Te Ara a Tāwhaki

Tāwhaki made his own way to the heavens to get the baskets of knowledge. Our students will learn to also be self managing and how to make decisions that are correct for them

Te Āhuatanga o te Kura Tuatahi - The Setup of the Primary School
Te Kura Māori o Porirua provides immersion education for students aged 5-18 years. Following is information on the make up of our kura.

Ngā Kākano
When first enrolling at the kura as a new entrant, the student will be placed into Ngā Kākano, our reception whānau. Being placed in the new entrants class gives the new entrant time to become familiar and comfortable with the teacher and to interact with their classmates. They will learn how to hold a pen, use the i-pad or when to sit on the mat and more to help settle them and them used to kura. They also have to get used to only speaking te reo and being spoken to in te reo.  

Once settled into the routines and programme and when they are socially ready, the student will be moved into Pou Tuarongo (years 1-2).

Ngā Pou o te Kura Māori o Porirua
There are three pou (posts) that support the tāhuhu (ridgepole), namely the pou mua (front post), the pou tokomanawa (centre post) and the pou tuarongo (back wall post).  There is also the pou at the very front of house, this is the pou kaiāwhā (porch post).
Class levels are grouped into each of these pou.   Pou are housed in each Whare ā-Kura (classroom block).

  • Ngā Kākāno (Primary years New Entrants): Kataraina Smith, Leanne Betty, Mererangi Moore
  • Pou Tuarongo (Primary Years 1-2) - Tau 1-2: Parerāwhiti Raerino, Te Māhoe Baker,  Merenea Turei, Marsella Hippolite
  • Pou Tokomanawa (Primary Years 3-5 ) - Tau 3-5: Tania Panepasa, Te Ruahuihui Hīroti, Tayler Cassidy, Eparaima Waiwai, Keanu Andrews
  • Pou Mua (Intermediate years 6-8) - Tau 6-8 - Glenys Turu, Grace Taniora, Whakaae Baron, Juanite Teepa, Jacob Wilkins-Hodges
  • Pou Kaiāwhā (College years 9-13) - Tau 9-13 - Hayley Galo, Tasha Rōpata, Lani Keelan Goldsmith, Mal McKenzie, Kahumoana Shedlock, Hinga Smith, Jack Baker, Beau Matakātea, Swapan Saha, Wareko Te Āngina (kaiāwhina)

Ngā Ara Ako
Following are some of the ara ako or learning pathways we use to engage the students

  • Ara Tātai - Maths
  • Ara Reo - Language
  • Ara Ako - Learning
  • Ara Tinana - Phys Ed
  • Ara Matihiko - Digital Learning
  • Ara Ataata - Digital Arts
  • Ara Toi - Art
  • Ara Mātauranga - Māori Knowledge
  • Ara Taiao - Environment